That piece of paper costs how much?!?

These days job markets are tight across every industry. Employers want qualified candidates who will work for pennies. As someone who has recently changed industries, the phrase “salary commiserate with experience” brings tears to my eyes. I have tons of experience! Just not the kind they’re looking for. I can’t get the experience without getting work and I can’t get the work without having experience. It’s a vicious cycle…

I’ve been debating pursing a Masters in Interactive Media to help round out my resume. Unfortunately, this particular piece of paper comes with a $40,000 price tag. Ouch!! While I was lucky to have only incurred $20,000 in student loans pursuing my Bachelors, I’m not certain I’m willing to triple my student loan debt without a guaranteed return on investment.

What do you think – is getting your masters a waste of money? Do you have a masters degree?

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2 responses to “That piece of paper costs how much?!?

  1. craig

    Not only do you need a great education and experience, you also need good credit at most places now. Another conundrum, seeing as how you need a job to pay the bills, but they’ll only give you a job if you’pay your bills… It really is a system designed to reward wealth and keep the poor poor.

    • I was shocked to realize that most employers do a credit check in addition to a background check these days. It’s crazy to think not being able to pay your bills could prevent you from gaining employment, which would help you actually be able to pay your bills.

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