What would David Petano do?

I was recently reminded how awesome a human being my dad is.

Sunday being Father’s Day and all, I figured, why not dedicate today’s post to dear old Dad?

I went to Georgia to visit my brother and his fiance over Memorial Day weekend.

Downtown Columbus with my amazing little brother and his equally amazing fiance.

Dad was kind enough to drop me off and pick me up at the airport (no, that’s not what this post is about, but that was pretty awesome too!). On our way home, there was a woman sitting at the end of the off ramp with her hazard lights on. I didn’t even notice. Dad, however, stops, rolls down the window, and asks her if she’s okay. She happened to have someone on the way to help but that small act of kindness inspired me to “pay it forward”.

Dude, that sucks!

Later that day I was on my way to a BBQ at a friend’s house when I encountered a woman, broken down, on the side of the road with her two kids. Taking a page out of Dad’s book, I stopped to make sure she was okay. The look of amazement on her face, as she told me she had someone coming, told me I had indeed done the right thing. Dad has taught me so much over the years that I am continually amazed he has any pearls of wisdom left. From now on, I’ll be asking myself WWDPD more often.

What life lessons have you learned from your old man?

My super awesome Dad and I at Fenway


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