I don’t have time for this shit!

Since starting this blog I’ve realized, “Holy crap! This is a lot of work!”

Working two jobs is time consuming enough and I’ve gone and given away ten hours a week of possible down time – to more work?! WTF is wrong with me?!


I’ve always loved the “to-do” list. I like knowing exactly what I have to do in order to “go out and play”. I also love the sense of accomplishment when I get to cross something off my list. Take that dry cleaners! I own this list!

Can we pencil in some sleep?!?

The downside to keeping track of my life this way is I would cease to function if I ever lost my planner.

I was never a fan of using the dinky calendars available on my phone. There’s just something about putting actual pen to paper that works for me. Although Siri looks pretty darn awesome to me. But, I am holding off on my phone upgrade and impatiently waiting the much speculated iPhone5.

Where’s my iPhone 5?? Come on Apple! Get it together girl!

I’m hoping having my own personal assistant in my phone will eliminate the need to carry this around with me.

The hot mess that keeps track of my life

Do you use a daily planner? Is it electronic or analog? Do you keep a running “to-do” list? What helps you manage your time?


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