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The only truth is music

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” ~Plato

Some days you just need a pick me up.

Whether you spent the last 48 hours sick as a dog, crying over a broken heart, or trying to keep sane during that family shit storm – there’s always a song that can lift your soul.

Whatever the reason for your bad day, these songs will put a smile on your face, and if they don’t, fuck off you miserable prick 🙂

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely…

Did your life get flipped, turned upside down?

For those days when you just want to break stuff.

It means no worries for the rest of your days.

When it feels like people just suck big fat monkey balls.

Try again tomorrow.

Had a hard day?

That no good man done you wrong?

Finally moving on?

Hit a wall at work?

Family got you down?

You are Superwoman!

Don’t worry. Be happy 🙂

Here comes the sun!

Shake it fast! Watch yourself!

Sometimes you just gotta waste away a day…

Don’t stop believing!

Never forget, baby you’re a firework!

Music should make you smile 🙂

And because there’s always something to be grateful for.

What about you guys?

Got a favorite song to turn around a shit day?

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Check out this unbelievably eloquent letter on conquering hate.

35 life changing ways to use everyday products.

I love this Masshole!!

Great idea for a small space.

Can someone please make this for me??

Super cute party decor idea.

I am absolutely in love with repurposing wooden pallets!

8 ways to eat well and cheaply

This chocolate cake is actually good for you!!!

So are these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

What I’ll be making for breakfast this weekend.

How creepy and cool are these pics?!

Some happiness tips for my mommy friends.


Check out this amazing time lapse from the International Space Station.

And now time for a couple giggles:

Dark and Stormies + Deep Frying + Hannah Hart = Super Awesome

No one does an angry rant better than Lewis Black!!

The text message decoder helps you figure out what he really means.

Have a great weekend!!

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Don’t Be A Dick

I am sick and tired of hearing racist, bigoted rhetoric.

It doesn’t matter who you are; Mitt Romney, Dan Cathy, or just your run of the mill douchebag spewing hate from his local bar stool.

Mmmm, tastes like bigotry

Can we please all agree to stop??

Being gay isn’t contagious; you can NOT catch it by talking, hugging, or being nice to a gay person.

Gay parents do not turn children gay.

In fact, if Zach Walhs is any example of what you get when gay parents raise children, I’d say they do a damn good job!

Gay marriage will NOT destroy the sanctity of marriage.

Homosexuals are not evil people lying in wait to sexually abuse your children.

Jerry Sandusky is a convicted serial child molester who until recently was considered a pillar of the community.

Allowed to adopt, foster, and coach young children.

I don’t know about you, but I’d leave my hypothetical children with a cross-dressing drag queen over that piece of shit any day.

Assholes come in all shapes and sizes.

Being black doesn’t automatically make someone a drug dealing gang banger.

Puerto Ricans are not all lazy, jobless, no-goods living off the system.

Asians do not all know karate, excel at math, or drive like idiots.

I am continually shocked and appalled by the racist, bigoted comments people find appropriate and acceptable to say out loud and in public.

Before you judge someone take a long hard look in the mirror.

What makes you better than them??

This speech is from 1940 and it still resonates today.

Can we please agree to start acting like decent human beings?

Be kind to your fellow man (and woman).

Regardless of race, color, or sexual orientation treat ALL people with respect.

Don’t lie, cheat, or steal.

Mind your manners.

And can we PLEASE ban the following words from our human lexicon:

nigger, faggot, spic, chink, or ANY racial slur for that matter

Asshole covers bad behavior pretty well in my book. Why make it racial??

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Pull yourself together girl!

Shit happens.

Feelings get hurt in both our personal and professional lives.

Constructive criticisms can cut deep, but as far as I’m concerned, lock it down and take it to the bathroom.

It is tough enough to be a successful woman without being labeled an “emotional” woman.

I can’t lie, I’ve cried at work.

Once was even while sitting in my boss’s office.

In my defense, I was informing him I was taking a leave of absence due to my father’s recent cancer diagnosis.

In his defense, he was the perfect boss and gentlemen, quietly handing me tissues and allowing me to get through that difficult announcement uninterrupted.

It may have helped that he managed a team of all women, was married, and had two daughters at home.

That man definitely spoke hysterical female.

(Btw Dad made a full recovery and is totally fine with the exception of a recent diagnosis of dumbass-itis for starting smoking again.)

The only other time I fell apart in the office, I was lucky enough to work with a good friend, who immediately pulled me into the ladies room and told me to get it together. (Thanks, Amina!)

Me and my super awesome girl Amina 🙂

There have certainly been other times when I felt the pin prick of emotions behind my eyelids while on the job, but I’ve always managed to bully myself back from the edge.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, admits to crying at work and is an advocate for being your “real self” in the office.

It’s easy to be your “real” self when you’re at the C-level

I completely agree with being your true self at work (pretending to be someone you’re not will just lead to stress and misery).

But as young women can we really be taken seriously if we respond to work challenges with water works?

It’s one thing to share your emotions at work as a seasoned and established contributor but what about when you’re first starting out?

Have you ever cried at work?

Was it in front of a superior?

How did you handle it?


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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Who says America isn’t the home of the free?!

Some tips to boozing without blowing your diet.

For the math challenged.

So easy I could do it!

What to do with your abundance of fresh herbs.

For all you new mommies.

The cutest.invites.EVER!

More wedding hair to try.

No insurance? Don’t want to waste your hard-earned money for 10 minutes with the doctor? Check this out!

Challenge accepted?

For you peeps in the CT/Western Mass area:

And now for a couple giggles:

Seriously?? Think about it!

What would you do??

People eat at Burning Man??

Underwear Horoscopes!

Check out the balls on this kitten!

And last but certainly not least:

How freaking cool are the piano guys?!?

Have a great weekend!!

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Fuck You Disney

Like most women my age, I grew up with the classic Disney love stories; Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and The Little Mermaid.

What little girl didn’t want to be a mermaid??

Of course, all these movies have a recurring theme where girl meets boy, girl has to overcome some adversity (which boy usually rescues her from), and then boy and girl live happily ever after.

This is exactly why they’re called fairy tales.

No one ever said life was easy, but some days manage to beat you down despite your best efforts at a positive outlook.

I recently started dating someone, we’ll call him Mr. Fix It (he owns his own construction company).

While things are going well, there are days (usually the ones that leave me overworked and sleep deprived) when I wonder, “Is this it?”

Disney never showed me what the day-to-day minutia looks like.

Didn’t Ariel begin to resent Eric and hold it over his head, “I gave up my life under the sea for you asshole!”?

And you can’t tell me Belle didn’t get seriously annoyed cleaning the shower after Beast (all that hair!).

Be my guest alright – to clean your own damn shower!

How do you shelve your tired, cranky, long-ass day and transition to happy, fun date night?

Yes, I know you should be honest and share your day/feelings with your partner but no one (including me) wants to hear how tired you are all the time. Take a fucking nap already!

How do you transition from work to romance?

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Where the hell do you think you’re going?!?

Since summer is officially here and the eye assaults are OUT OF CONTROL, I’ve put together a list of acceptable and appropriate attire for work and every day.

Don’t worry guys, I have some words of wisdom for you too. (Feel free to skip to the end)

Ladies, things to never, ever, EVAH, EVAH wear to work (Now this applies to a business-casual office-environment, if you’re say, a stripper, obviously these don’t apply to you):

  • Flip flops
  • Shorts – while I think the shorts, tights, blazer outfit is absolutely adorable unless you work in the fashion industry, don’t wear it to work.

You are NOT an over-paid actress

  • Any skirt or dress that is more than 3 inches above your knee (this should be measured while sitting, if there’s a slit, you should measure from there)
  • Club shoes (Those four-inch clear heels are only work appropriate if you get paid in singles girl)
  • Club tops (You know that cleavage showing, bedazzled top doesn’t belong at work, take it off)
  • Sweatpants (For that matter, can we all PLEASE stop wearing pajamas in public?? Put on some fucking pants already!)

Pretty sure this also applies to other geographical areas.

  • T-shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Excessive accessories (Coco Chanel said you should always take off the last thing you put on)

Some every day advice:

Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits!

Also if you put on a spaghetti strap top and the straps disappear you should immediately take off that top and burn it.

If you look like you have 3 boobs or a lump growing our of one of your breasts with a bra on – It’s too small!! Go get fitted for a bra already! Both Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret provide the service for free. If you’re shy, you can measure yourself at home.

Follow the 3/4 skin rule. If you’re showing a lot of leg, keep the girls covered, and vice versa. You don’t have to sell it. Is that really the kind of attention you want? If so, have at it!

“Hooker or Whore”??

And now for you gentlemen:

A wife-beater is NOT a shirt. It should NEVER EVER be worn in public as such. For that matter a shirt is ALWAYS required. Do NOT run to the store, walk down the street, ride around town, etc. without one.

Pull.Up.Your.Fucking.Pants. It is NOT attractive – AT ALL.

Oh and by the way, this trend stated in prison so inmates could advertise they were DTF without alerting the wardens. That’s totally the message you were trying to send right?!

You’re a grown-ass-man.

You should have a shoes/belt combo in brown and black, do NOT mix the two.

And while we’re at it, if you own a braided belt, THROW IT OUT!

I should NOT be able to see your chest hair sticking out of the top of your button-up. While shaving your chest is GROSS, trim that shit or button another button.

Fit is EVERYTHING! Make sure your shirts and dress pants fit properly.

Find a good tailor, they will make you look like this:

Things that make you look like a raging douchebag:

  • Blow-outs
  • White sunglasses
  • Wearing your sunglasses at night/in da club. (Also saying “in da club” definitely makes you a douchebag.)
  • Ed Hardy ANYTHING
  • Popped collars
  • Fedoras
  • Earrings bigger than mine
  • Excessive accessories – especially that obnoxious watch – we get it – you be making it rain up in hurh. Would it kill you to try and keep it classy??
  • Over-groomed brows and facial hair. I should NOT be able to tell you groom your eyebrows and the chin strap needs to die already.

Don’t forget!

I’m sure I left out a couple so feel free to add your particular fashion pet peeves!

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