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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Ladies this will change your life!

I can’t wait to read this book.

These cookies have no grain, no white sugar, and no oil or fat!

For all of you who are curling iron challenged.


101 Handmade Gifts for Men. (some of them could be for ladies too!)

I’m not ashamed to admit it, I LOVE Taco Bell.

Super cute and super easy up-do.

And last but not least, a couple giggles:

Soooo not worth it!

Use your noodle.

Something you can share with the kiddos.

P.S. My little brother’s getting married!!! So I’m using this happy occasion to take a much needed vacation. Don’t worry! Adventures in Adulthood will be back to it’s regularly scheduled programming September 12th ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great weekend!!!


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But we can still be friends…

Have you ever stayed friends with an ex?

It sounds like a great idea until someone’s feelings get hurt AGAIN and then it gets awkward and ugly.

There’s no easy transition from “I’m in love with you” to “let’s be buddies”.

I have actually remained friends with quite a few of my exes.

What can I say? Like my Mom, I have a hard time throwing some things out.

For those of you who don’t know, she’s a border-line hoarder. ILYM ๐Ÿ™‚

This ONLY works successfully if you STOP SLEEPING TOGETHER.

I know this part might be really hard for some of you.

So here are some pointers on NOT being an emotional whorebag:

  • Do NOT get drunk with your ex.

Not alone, not at a party, not in ANY place where you can achieve penetration.

Which when you think about it, is pretty much anywhere.



  • Give it some time man!

You have either broken someone’s heart or had your heart broken.

Grieve! Cry! Break shit!

Do NOT pretend everything is sunshine and roses.

It’s not!

You’re allowed to admit that and take some time

Or allow your ex to do the same.

This actually makes you an adult. Just make sure your break-down is done in private and STAY OFF FACEBOOK!

  • During your time out:




If you have to; write their number down, put it somewhere safe, and delete it!

It’s never easy at first, no matter where you fall on the broken-hearted scale.

But it’s always a lot easier, IF YOU STOP SLEEPING TOGETHER!

And dude, seriously, delete that fucking number!!

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Hey ladies, don’t ignore these!!

LOVE this party idea!

Don’t just rock the vote – make it your bitch!

10 things you didn’t know mint could do.

Secret savings.

Don’t call me pretty.

Decorating? Check out the coolest app ever!

Getting married? Make sure to get these shots!

And last but not least a couple giggles:

Kid tested and super corny!

The happiest dj EVER.

Don’t you wish this was your office??

Sometimes you just wanna break shit

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Have a great weekend!

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You’re On The List!

Every night before I go to bed I make a list.

No it’s not a shit list! (But don’t you worry, I’ve got one of those too).

It’s a grateful list.

Between the two jobs, internship, and the daily trials and tribulations of trying to be an adult it’s easy to forget how good you really have it.

In an effort to never forget that my life’s pretty fucking awesome, I make myself name five things I’m grateful for EVERY DAY.

These can be a small as the Starbucks barista who didn’t charge me for my extra shot. Or as big as my wicked awesome Mom coming over to take care of me when it felt like I was slowly dying a couple weeks ago.

me and my wicked awesome mom

I’m not saying it’s super easy.

There are days when nothing seems to go right and I rack my brain for half an hour trying to remember something, anything to be grateful for that day.

But it really does help keep me focused on my goals and is a great tool to realize how blessed you truly are.

Sometimes things that seem truly awful are even things to be grateful for.

I’m eternally grateful for that spineless prick who cheated on me. It was a reminder that I should NEVER settle.

once a cheater, always a cheater

You don’t even have to write your list down!

Although on particularly rough days, I do put pen to paper.

I find seeing the amazing things in my life in black and white helps me appreciate them just a little more.

I challenge you to give it a shot!

If you’re feeling like an overachiever try it out on a shit day and see if you can’t turn that frown upside down.

EVERYONE can find SOMETHING to be grateful for.

Don’t forget, you woke up this morning!

And that, in and of itself, is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

Seriously!! Think about the alternative.

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

In the CT area? Keep cool this weekend at one of these local swimming holes.

Not in the CT area? Keep cool across America at one of these swimming holes.

Who wants to buy me a coffee??

What does feminism look like? Get involved.

For all my new or soon to be new homeowners.

Cookies for breakfast?!?!

Are you a college student? Did you have an internship this summer? 9 things to do before you blow that popcicle stand.

10 tricks to having a fabulous day at work.

What to do when you come to a crossroads in life.

And last but not least a couple giggles:

Don’t fuck with my hair!

Let’s get toasted!

Creepiest romantic comedy ever??

Have a great weekend!!

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That wasn’t the plan!!

I have two jobs, an internship, and a blog.

I work over 6o hours a week and volunteer.

I schedule when to wash my hair.

To be honest, I was like this before the super, crazy schedule, just not as intense.

Some of my favorite people (like my super awesome friend Rachel) go through life flying by the seat of their pants.

It drives my crazy!! But, I love them for it!

Sometimes I wish I could just let go and let whatever happens, happens.

But, I NEED to know what’s going on and when and where I’m expected to be.

It can get a little frustrating, especially when other people don’t realize I’m not just being crazy-anal-retentive-planner Bethany.

I literally need to know exactly how long drinks/dinner/coffee is going to last so I can schedule something immediately after.

It’s kind of hard to explain to family and friends, “No, I’m not avoiding you. I literally have ZERO free time.”

Trust me, I feel like the world’s biggest asshole telling someone I can hang out for an hour and a half, two weeks from next Wednesday!

Do you plan?

Or do you just wing it?


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It’s Finally Friday!!!

My parents were awesome and so is this tumblr.

Only in New York.

Could you live off the kindness of strangers??

Feeling like a failure??? Take a look at this:

10 places every American should see. How many have you been to??

Going on a road trip? The only app you’ll need.

All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.

Desperate for a job? Check out these creative job search methods. My personal fave is #6!

2 questions everyone should ask themselves.

This asshole’s definitely Father of The Year material.

Apparently multitasking is BAD.

Why can’t camera straps be cute AND functional??

The next 10 years will define the next 10,000.

I’m obsessed with this!

You should be too! Get involved here and here.

And now for some giggles:

Poor white guys.

Shit nobody says.

How diets work.

The more colorful the thing the better it is for you!

Have a great weekend kids!

P.S. (I started an internship this week. That’s right folks! Between the two jobs and the blog I felt like I had too much free time so I decided to become a 30 year old intern! All jokes aside, due to the extremely limited free time I now have, Adventures In Adulthood will be going to a Wednesday and Friday publishing schedule. Enjoy!)

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Don’t Touch Me!

My mother’s the first person to tell you I like my personal space.

(In my defense, even for a Mom she pushes the touchy feely boundaries.)

That being said, I’m not adverse to ALL touching.

Get your mind out of the gutter!! I wasn’t talking about THAT kind of touching!

When saying good-bye to friends and family or greeting a loved one I haven’t seen in awhile, I’m an excellent and enthusiastic hugger.

Personal boundaries can get a little cloudy in the professional arena though.

As a woman it feels a little awkward to shake hands with a female colleague.

Since this is a re-building year for my career, I’ve been doing a lot of networking and volunteering for various professional organizations.

You have a great experience, share some stories, bond over a glass of wine (or two), and then comes the awkward good-bye.

If it were a friend the hug good-bye would be a given.

Between two male colleagues the handshake is automatic.

But how do you know when to hug?

It’s like the professional version of a first kiss. One person leans in, the other one leans back, and now it’s weird.

How do you suss out a hugger?

Ladies do you hug professionally?

What about you guys, do you ever hug a colleague?

In today’s litigation happy society is a friendly and innocent hug sexual harassment?

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Lay off!!

Why is it after a break-up, embarrassment, or failure we feel the need to torture ourselves with all the moments we could have done differently in order to have achieved a more favorable outcome?

We roll these little tidbits around in our head and allow them to poke holes in our self-esteem.

“You IDIOT! I can’t believe you said/did that!! WHAT is wrong with you?!?

Relationships ends, there will always be moments when you colossally put your foot in it, EVERYONE falls down.

It is not solely your fault, nor is it solely anyone else’s.

Simple but true.

Sometimes really good shit.

Sometimes really foul shit.

But it all happens for a reason.

You may not see that reason for days, weeks, or years down the road.

But one day you’ll remember that mortifying, shame inducing moment and realize – SHIT!

If that hadn’t happened neither would A which lead to B which brought you to today and the amazingly fabulous person you are.

So go easy on yourself girl!

Even if your heart’s broken, you royally fucked up at work, or you walked around all day with your skirt tucked into your tights – it’s NOT the end of the world.

Take it from Annie ๐Ÿ™‚

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Ever heard of Reddit?? Here are 13 you should subscribe to.

This documentary pretty much sums up my life’s dream. Want to get involved?

This awesome site helps you get your creative mojo back.

Ever use Yelp? Watch this actor read a real Yelp review.

5 tips to get yourself going on that boring, awful task.

Not usually a Kimmel fan but this is Hilarious!

It’s almost hurricane season…

Ever wanted to punch Justin Beiber in the face?? Check this out!

Why KFC is better than Chick-fil-A.

Email driving you crazy? 5 ways to get it under control.

For all my Western Mass peeps:

Tommaso’s has amazing food and is BYOB! But the service sucks and if you getย  waitress named Tammy – RUN!

Do you have a roommate? Do they get on your very last nerve?? Check out these gems and then thank your lucky stars they aren’t your roomie!

No matter what’s got you down, dance it out girl ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great weekend!

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