You’re On The List!

Every night before I go to bed I make a list.

No it’s not a shit list! (But don’t you worry, I’ve got one of those too).

It’s a grateful list.

Between the two jobs, internship, and the daily trials and tribulations of trying to be an adult it’s easy to forget how good you really have it.

In an effort to never forget that my life’s pretty fucking awesome, I make myself name five things I’m grateful for EVERY DAY.

These can be a small as the Starbucks barista who didn’t charge me for my extra shot. Or as big as my wicked awesome Mom coming over to take care of me when it felt like I was slowly dying a couple weeks ago.

me and my wicked awesome mom

I’m not saying it’s super easy.

There are days when nothing seems to go right and I rack my brain for half an hour trying to remember something, anything to be grateful for that day.

But it really does help keep me focused on my goals and is a great tool to realize how blessed you truly are.

Sometimes things that seem truly awful are even things to be grateful for.

I’m eternally grateful for that spineless prick who cheated on me. It was a reminder that I should NEVER settle.

once a cheater, always a cheater

You don’t even have to write your list down!

Although on particularly rough days, I do put pen to paper.

I find seeing the amazing things in my life in black and white helps me appreciate them just a little more.

I challenge you to give it a shot!

If you’re feeling like an overachiever try it out on a shit day and see if you can’t turn that frown upside down.

EVERYONE can find SOMETHING to be grateful for.

Don’t forget, you woke up this morning!

And that, in and of itself, is FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!

Seriously!! Think about the alternative.


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