One is the Lonliest Number?

Do you do things alone??

Have you ever gone to the movies solo?

How about out to eat or to the bar?

I have no problem going to a bar solo if peeps I know will be there.

It’s 2012, females do NOT need an escort to go out and about in public.

I’ve even gone out to eat solo.

I have however, always brought a book with me, so that might not count…

And I sit at the bar because quite frankly I always feel a little sad for the people I see eating alone 😦

I have however, never gone to the movies alone.

I really want to see Trouble with the Curve.

Who doesn’t love Clint Eastwood?? Even after his bizarre RNC speech, I’ve still got a soft spot for Clint 🙂

So instead of brow beating one of my friends into going or waiting until it’s finally available on Netflix,

I’m going to the movies alone.

Have you ever gone to the movies solo?

I’ll let you know how it goes…


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2 responses to “One is the Lonliest Number?

  1. Its true that we don’t escort, but going alone to movies and eating alone makes me sad. Never gone to movies alone. Waiting to know how it went for you.

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