Shower Thoughts

It’s warm and soothing.

The gentle pressure of water streaming down your tired back.

She totally just had a shower thought. Get your mind out of the gutter sicko! Not that kind of shower thought 🙂

You’re perfectly relaxed and then BAM!

Like a strike of lightening in a sunny sky, comes the perfect solution for a problem you just couldn’t figure out or even better an amazing idea for something super awesome.

As a Creative Director I once worked with coined them, you just had a “shower thought”.

I had one of my own yesterday!

I’m going to try something new.

Adventures in Adulthood will soon feature videos!

And Finally Friday is getting a little re-vamp.

So stay tuned kids 🙂

Inspiration doesn’t always hit me in the shower.

I also get awesome ideas while behind the wheel.

That’s usually how it works.

You bang your head against a problem all day long to no avail.

So you give up frustrated and borderline angry.

And as soon as you stop paying attention is when the answers come.

Sometimes it’s just better in the long run to walk away for a while.

Go for a drive, work-out, watch some mindless TV, or of course take a shower 🙂

How about you, where do you find inspiration?

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