Don’t Call Me Pretty

When I was a kid I loved showing off how smart I was.

I read at an early age and always excelled at school.

Yes, I was that kid in class.

Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer!

And I loved the attention.

I loved being smart.

Yes, I was a dork.

I really searched for a worse picture (trust me – there were plenty). I’m just vain enough to have destroyed most of them. Gotta love the 80’s hair and glasses though!

Then one day, it all changed.

I grew out of my awkward phase, got some contact lenses, figured out what to do with all that hair, had my braces removed, and was finally allowed to wear make-up.

I started to be more interested in how to expertly apply eye shadow than memorizing all the Presidents.

And the praise I received changed.

I still excelled at school, rose my hand first, and gave smarty pants answers, but no one really noticed.

Now instead of being “so smart”, I was “so pretty”

And I loved it!

But it changed everything.

As an attractive female I learned that using my looks would get me what I wanted faster than a valid and well-thought out argument.

Which I learned as I got older is not appreciated by other women.

Quite frankly it made me lazy and once or twice, almost got me into trouble.

It took me a few years, but I’ve realized being pretty isn’t all that important.

You can’t put pretty on a resume.

It’s not a marketable skill.

Most of the time I’ve found it to be a hindrance in my professional life.

We need to start praising our young girls for their achievements and skills.

They don’t give these out for good looks

NOT their appearance.

Being pretty isn’t an achievement.

It’s a happy accident of genetics.

It’s time we stop treating it like the holy grail.


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