As I look down the road and see that big 3-0 starring back, I realize this whole, “being an adult” thing is a little harder than I was lead to believe. Hollywood portrays thirty-something as fun, fabulous, footloose, and fancy free. In reality, it’s more about paying your bills on time and finding a fulfilling career.

Trying to find that balance between responsibility and living life to its fullest is more of a struggle than I would care to admit. I struggle with finding which path to take to make my dreams come true (it definitely doesn’t help I’m not entirely certain what that looks like). I certainly do not expect blogging to fix all my life quandaries (if only it were that easy).

It won’t be all business on this adventure. I will also post a bit of nonsense now and then. Although the content will be geared slightly towards women (duh, I’m a female). Feel free to read and comment as well guys. A different point of view can be refreshing.

I hope you enjoy!

3 responses to “About

  1. Slone

    I’m glad I found your blog; I recently started a blog writing about similar things and am trying to find other blogs like yours to follow. I look forward to reading your entries!

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