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It’s Finally Friday!!! (sort of)

I had the most amazing experience this past weekend at The Rock N Roll Resort: v3 Tiny Rager!

I highly recommend anyone who loves art and music to go next year.

Needless to say, it’s been a rough start to the week. So we’ll be skipping straight to Friday, while I give my brain some much needed downtime.

I promise once I decompress and remember how to string intelligent sentences together, we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming πŸ™‚

Quote of the Day:

breathe move on jimmy buffett quote

Climbing the Ladder:

In-box out of control?? How to keep email from taking over your life.

On the job hunt? How to stand out from the crowd.

Body Lovin’:

Tummy troubles got you down?? Try these yoga poses for improved digestion.


Why wait years for Mother Nature to produce sea glass?? Just make your own!

Wine Me, Dine Me:

Hawaiian, Gluten-free, AND Paleo. Pretty sure they’re delicious too πŸ™‚

Healthy pancakes??


Trying to decorate on a budget? Get thrifty AND creative!

Peace of Mind:

Master your fears and get happy.

Round the World:

I’m almost six monthes passed the 30 milestone but I managed to cross most of these off in time. And I can definitely fit numbers 30, 13, 6, and 2 into one epic trip πŸ™‚


In the wake of Monday’s tragedy it’s easy to lose faith in mankind. Here are 10 acts of kindness to remind you the world really is a beautiful place even if some of the people who inhabit it are not.

Giggles and Such:

dustpanlife is like a box of chocolates

milk i am your father

Have a great week(end)!

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

While learning how to shuck oysters (yeah, that’s right, we’re rockstars!) with my super awesome friend Lindsey last weekend, she mentioned I should totally start posting some cooking tips (since I’m a complete badass in the kitchen and part of being an adult is feeding yourself).

I haven’t had the time to create any tutorials of my own.

So here’s a couple links to some rocking cooking blogs I follow to hold you over:

Big Girls Small Kitchen – a guide to quarter life cooking

Kalyn’s Kitchen – for those of you following the low-carb path

Budget Bytes – super delish and super cheap

I promise some day soon there will be cooking posts on Adventures In Adulthood but for right now I barely have time to cook anything let alone something deserving of a wonderfully helpful and creative tutorial and everyone knows how to make cereal, right?!

Now on to the Finally Friday round-up:

At least these kids have each other! $20 says stay tuned for a news report on a ketamine overdose while at a Dubstep rave in about 10 years.

I said hey!

Super cute monogram idea for couples.

Because no matter how old you get, every little girl wants a tutu!

Awesome hair blog and the super cute half-up-do I’ll be trying out for my little brother’s upcoming nuptials.

Great tutorial on no-heat curls.

Ummm yes please!

How to make your t-shirts feel vintage soft.


And a couple giggles:

My favorite dance moves.

Three things I LOVE: Hannah Hart, pizza, and wine. This video has all three!

And last but certainly not least, a super awesome cover of I’m sexy and I know it.

Have a great weekend!!

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