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The Awkward Way to Start Your Day…

Last month I got to spend an amazing week down in Myrtle Beach, SC.

While there, I was reminded how very different the behavior of Americans can be based on their geographical background.

If you’ve never experienced it, Southern Hospitality is in fact a real thing.

southern hospitality

Walking down the street in Myrtle Beach, the majority of people you pass will make eye contact, smile, and say hello.

It takes a little getting used to at first.

There were times I purposefully avoided eye contact to avoid an interaction.

However, from what I could tell, this cue does not deter the Southern “Hey, how ya doin?” nor the subsequent conversation.

how ya doin

Which can be tedious and extremely annoying depending on how bad your Southerner is at picking up social cues.

Overall though, I really enjoy the friendly, outgoing manners down South.

Coming back to good ole Massachusetts was certainly an adjustment!

My office building has about 20 floors with various companies.

Meaning, when you get on the elevator, chances are it’s full of strangers.

eye contact

Strangers who all seem to find their shoes or their phone immensely interesting.

Some mornings I just want to start a sing along and see what happens.

sing along

When did ignoring the people around you become the polite thing to do??

I know you did not just get a super important email!!

Your screen is giant!

Everyone can see you’re on Facebook!

It’s okay to smile at your fellow man.

Shit, you can even say “Good Morning”.

good morning sunshine

I promise they won’t bite. At least I won’t 🙂

Are you one of those people in the elevator?

Or do you say “Hello” to whoever crosses your path??

Do you prefer the lack of interaction or do you wish people were more friendly?

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The daily commute or why every time you hit the brakes, I’d like to hit your face.

Do you get road rage?

 I’m beginning to think the intensity and frequency with which I am irate behind the wheel is unhealthy. The lack of public transportation in Connecticut and Western Mass means there is no (or very few) alternatives to driving myself to work each day.

Among the things that make me want to slap you so hard your future children feel it are; driving in the left lane while going 50 mph, driving in the left lane if you are not traveling faster than the person in the middle lane, driving in the left lane if you aren’t attempting to pass someone, pretty much driving in the left lane should be my own personal privilege (with a few exceptions for those who understand the purpose of the left lane) and please do not get me started on why two lane highways should be banned from everywhere, forever.

People who are incapable of using a direction should be damned to the seventh level of hell. How am I supposed to know you were trying to turn left into oncoming traffic if you don’t use your blinker?! I don’t know about the backwards state you learned to drive in, but here in CT when you need to turn on your windshield wipers you also turn on your G.D. headlights! Oh you got in an accident because your car wasn’t visible in all that fog and rain – I wonder why?? What makes your blood boil behind the wheel?

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