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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Hey ladies, don’t ignore these!!

LOVE this party idea!

Don’t just rock the vote – make it your bitch!

10 things you didn’t know mint could do.

Secret savings.

Don’t call me pretty.

Decorating? Check out the coolest app ever!

Getting married? Make sure to get these shots!

And last but not least a couple giggles:

Kid tested and super corny!

The happiest dj EVER.

Don’t you wish this was your office??

Sometimes you just wanna break shit

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Have a great weekend!

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Step away from the shoes ma’am!!

One of the most wonderful and rewarding parts of being an adult is the joyous privilege of paying bills! (severe sarcasm intended)

These days it feels like I’m on a never-ending hamster wheel of work, work, work, bills, bills, bills. (seriously, it’s super fun)

How do you play catch-up when you never get ahead??

Do you make a budget?

I plan for everything. If it’s going to cost me money, I include it in my budget.

Rent, groceries, gifts, toothpaste, gas, drinks with friends, an oil change, whatever it is, if it has a price tag, it goes in the budget.

And in case you haven’t noticed, EVERYTHING comes with a price tag!

Since my mom is super awesome (and maybe a little crazy) she taught us kids to be super responsible when it comes to our finances.

Thanks to her; I never carry a credit card balance, know the difference between a “need” and a “want”, put whatever I can into savings each month, and always keep a little mad money around for that pair of shoes I just can’t live without 🙂

Totally a “need”! Right, Mom??

I hate when people say they live on a “fixed income”.

Everyone lives on a fixed income! It’s called your paycheck!

These days my budget’s so tight, it not only squeaks, most days it screams!

So I have to count every penny.

Ain’t that the truth!

I religiously keep track of expenses in an excel spreadsheet and balance my checkbook on a weekly basis.

My friends have often heard me ask for a receipt with my purchase (and of course mocked me for it) but, if I don’t write it in the ledger, it never happened and then my budget is all sorts of screwed.

I don’t care if printing that little slip of paper for my $3.78 purchase isn’t environmentally friendly.

Unless you come up with a system where you can email me my receipt, print that bitch out! Please 🙂

slightly time consuming but incredibly effective

How do you keep track of expenses?

Do you write your budget out each month or just wing it?

For those of you who could use a little financial planning help, check out money guru Suze Orman’s five tips for women.

Don’t worry boys, you can check it out too, financial advice is gender nuetral 🙂

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