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Lay off!!

Why is it after a break-up, embarrassment, or failure we feel the need to torture ourselves with all the moments we could have done differently in order to have achieved a more favorable outcome?

We roll these little tidbits around in our head and allow them to poke holes in our self-esteem.

“You IDIOT! I can’t believe you said/did that!! WHAT is wrong with you?!?

Relationships ends, there will always be moments when you colossally put your foot in it, EVERYONE falls down.

It is not solely your fault, nor is it solely anyone else’s.

Simple but true.

Sometimes really good shit.

Sometimes really foul shit.

But it all happens for a reason.

You may not see that reason for days, weeks, or years down the road.

But one day you’ll remember that mortifying, shame inducing moment and realize – SHIT!

If that hadn’t happened neither would A which lead to B which brought you to today and the amazingly fabulous person you are.

So go easy on yourself girl!

Even if your heart’s broken, you royally fucked up at work, or you walked around all day with your skirt tucked into your tights – it’s NOT the end of the world.

Take it from Annie 🙂

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