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Girl Code

Everyone knows “bros over hoes” but have you ever heard of girl code?girl codeKind of the same concept but for the ladies.

This week’s episode of Two Broke Girls talked about following the “Girl Code”.

2 broke girls

(BTW If you’ve never seen Two Broke Girls you should totally check it out. Super funny and Max is totally the smart ass voice in my head.)

Things you should never EVER do to a fellow female. Friend or not.

uteruses before duderuses

I’ve done some thinking and come up with a top 5.

Please note, I did not include always tell her if she has something in her teeth, her hair is looking a little crazy, or she needs an outfit adjustment.

I think that’s a given and something you should do for everyone.

Girl Code Commandments

1.) Don’t fight over guys. This applies several ways: don’t be a home wrecker, always ask before you start dating a friend’s sibling, if your friend expresses an interest in someone – that someone is now off limits, never EVER date a friend’s ex – unless you have asked for and received explicit permission.

rules of femminism

2.) No one gets left behind. This commandment is especially important when inebriated. Whether it’s a party, a club, or your local dive bar – always leave with who you came with – ALWAYS. And never let a friend leave with random strangers. EVER.


3.) Don’t be the disappearing girl. We all know a girl who pulls a Houdini when she starts dating someone. And we all resent her. Always make time for both your lover and your friends. When shit goes sideways, your friends will be the ones to wipe away your tears and help you hide the bodies.

disappearing girl

4.) Loose lips sink ships. ALWAYS keep the secrets you have been trusted with. Even if your friendship has fallen by the wayside.

keep secrets

5.) Be honest. No one likes a liar and the truth will always come out. This also applies when you know things that could hurt someone’s feelings. Did you see a friend’s man doing something shady? Hear a nasty rumor about your girl? Tell her – no one wants to get played for a fool.

be honestAnd last but certainly not least…..


Because, seriously, who hasn’t been there?!?

What about you ladies?

Do you follow a girl code??

What are your commandments?


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