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Burn it to the Ground!

There will be times in your professional life, regardless of your position, when you will want to scream GFY! from the rooftops.


Part of becoming an adult is learning how to deal with conflict constructively and to have uncomfortable conversations while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Whether it’s standing up for yourself, delivering bad news or, disagreeing with a colleague/superior we must ALL learn how to have those conversations and make them productive.

Here are some tips to help you get through those tough conversations:

  • Stay calm! Breathe! You can do this.
  • Speak softly but firmly.
  • Stick to the facts. Do NOT exaggerate. If you have legitimate beef you shouldn’t need to.
  • Don’t just bitch and moan. Ask for reason and resolution.

If it’s come to the point were you can no longer work for/with this person/company and need to move on from the situation:

  • Continue to give 100% to your job
  • Check your attitude!
  • Look for a new gig on your OWN time
  • Give ample notice and thank them for the opportunity

Burning bridges is a luxury that those of us pursuing a career cannot indulge in.

If you’ve done a good job, do NOT ruin the relationship.

Every employer is a future reference.

Even if you haven’t done a good job, do NOT ruin the relationship.

Don’t let impulse and poor judgement keep you from succeeding down the road.

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I have an office!!

A real, honest-to-god office equipped with its very own door AND window. Yes, said window overlooks the central air ventilation system for the building but I’m willing to over look that.

I’ll take it!

In ten years of professional work experience I’ve never had my own office. I’m well versed in the joys of cubicle living and I’ve even shared an office with four women (that wasn’t the most passive aggressive work space at all…). So this whole close the door and rock out at work experience is new to me.

While talking to my friend Lindsey the other day (sorry to throw you under the bus girl!) I recently discovered what may be the single most super awesome perk of having your own office…FARTING! Seriously, think about it, how many times have you been sitting in your cubicle and needed to let one go?? Having your own office means never having to worry about offending your office mates’ olfactory senses! So go ahead, eat that extra piece of cheese, girl! You’re the only one who’ll have to suffer the consequences.

Do you have an office? What’s your favorite perk to having your own office?

Me in my office. Yayy!

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