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Everything, All at Once, Right Now!

I’m great at identify goals and the necessary steps to make said goals come true.

What I am NOT great at is maintaining the patience to achieve my goals.

god grant me patience

I drive much like I live my life.

As fast as possible without getting caught by the fuzz 🙂

Reminding myself to slow down is a constant battle.

I remember when I was in high school, my Grandfather telling me, “don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.”

stop and smell the roses 3

Come on! If monkeys can do it, so can you!!

I rarely remember to take a beat when I hit a milestone or an accomplishment.

Instead of giving myself a pat on the back and an “atta girl!”, I immediately begin to focus on the next hurdle, the next chance to hit it out of the park.

As part of my Happiness Project, I am going to start giving myself permission to celebrate the small victories.

Who cares if that small victory is only measurable by me.

It’s my victory, dammit!

victory is mine

I think we’ve become a society with such an expectation and focus on success that we’ve forgotten how to recognize the hard work it takes to actually achieve success and we’ve definitely forgotten how to make time to bask in that success.

This week I  challenge you to stop and smell the roses.

Yes, I know it’s February in New England.

So they will have to be metaphorical roses.

your metaphorical rose :)

your metaphorical rose 🙂

But whenever you cross a finish line (no matter how small you feel it is), give yourself a little time-out to acknowledge your achievement.

I promise, it will alleviate that hamster-on-a-wheel feeling.

If only for a couple minutes…

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Pull yourself together girl!

Shit happens.

Feelings get hurt in both our personal and professional lives.

Constructive criticisms can cut deep, but as far as I’m concerned, lock it down and take it to the bathroom.

It is tough enough to be a successful woman without being labeled an “emotional” woman.

I can’t lie, I’ve cried at work.

Once was even while sitting in my boss’s office.

In my defense, I was informing him I was taking a leave of absence due to my father’s recent cancer diagnosis.

In his defense, he was the perfect boss and gentlemen, quietly handing me tissues and allowing me to get through that difficult announcement uninterrupted.

It may have helped that he managed a team of all women, was married, and had two daughters at home.

That man definitely spoke hysterical female.

(Btw Dad made a full recovery and is totally fine with the exception of a recent diagnosis of dumbass-itis for starting smoking again.)

The only other time I fell apart in the office, I was lucky enough to work with a good friend, who immediately pulled me into the ladies room and told me to get it together. (Thanks, Amina!)

Me and my super awesome girl Amina 🙂

There have certainly been other times when I felt the pin prick of emotions behind my eyelids while on the job, but I’ve always managed to bully myself back from the edge.

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, admits to crying at work and is an advocate for being your “real self” in the office.

It’s easy to be your “real” self when you’re at the C-level

I completely agree with being your true self at work (pretending to be someone you’re not will just lead to stress and misery).

But as young women can we really be taken seriously if we respond to work challenges with water works?

It’s one thing to share your emotions at work as a seasoned and established contributor but what about when you’re first starting out?

Have you ever cried at work?

Was it in front of a superior?

How did you handle it?


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I don’t have time for this shit!

Since starting this blog I’ve realized, “Holy crap! This is a lot of work!”

Working two jobs is time consuming enough and I’ve gone and given away ten hours a week of possible down time – to more work?! WTF is wrong with me?!


I’ve always loved the “to-do” list. I like knowing exactly what I have to do in order to “go out and play”. I also love the sense of accomplishment when I get to cross something off my list. Take that dry cleaners! I own this list!

Can we pencil in some sleep?!?

The downside to keeping track of my life this way is I would cease to function if I ever lost my planner.

I was never a fan of using the dinky calendars available on my phone. There’s just something about putting actual pen to paper that works for me. Although Siri looks pretty darn awesome to me. But, I am holding off on my phone upgrade and impatiently waiting the much speculated iPhone5.

Where’s my iPhone 5?? Come on Apple! Get it together girl!

I’m hoping having my own personal assistant in my phone will eliminate the need to carry this around with me.

The hot mess that keeps track of my life

Do you use a daily planner? Is it electronic or analog? Do you keep a running “to-do” list? What helps you manage your time?

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Follow your dreams or follow the money??

How do you know “what you want to be when you grow up?” Making that definitive decision is scary. What if you get it wrong? I have a recurring nightmare of waking up one day, middle-aged and miserable with the life I’ve chosen. I currently straddle the fence between following my dreams and following the money.

I was laid off in August of 2010 with only a year left of undergraduate school. It actually wasn’t the end of the world. I was miserable and thanks to my mother’s never-ending harping on financial responsibility, I had an okay cushion. At the time, I worked for a large insurance company. I was responsible for scheduling and hosting their retirement education webinars, not a bad gig (I got to work from home frequently). But I wasn’t happy.

So I took a long (and not very pleasant) look at myself, along with every aptitude/skills/personality test I could find and finally figured out I’d really like to work in the wide world of marketing (so specific – I know!). I spent the next year graduating with honors (What! What!) and securing an unpaid summer internship at an advertising and public relations firm.

During the summer of 2011 I learned quite a few things about myself; I know what I want to be when I “grow up”, I love social media (seriously, I find its constant evolution and innovative applications endlessly fascinating), and starting over in a completely new industry with no experience at almost thirty is NOT easy.

I work two jobs to make ends meet and have no health insurance. I’m not quite starving for my “art” but I’m not exactly what you’d call rolling in it. I have a long road ahead of me to get back to the pay grade I was at in my former career life but in the mean time I’m enjoying my journey and I actually love what I do.

How about you, are you happy in your current gig? Do you yearn to do something, anything else? How are you making your dreams come true?

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