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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Quote of the Day:


Stuff and Things:

Ever had to throw out a favorite white shirt because of unsightly sweat stains? No more!

Techie Love:

I hate throwing away groceries! It’s soooo wasteful 😦 But don’t worry, technology to the rescue! There’s an app for that.

Brush up on your language skills with these apps.

Round the World:

Not every country thinks Americans are rude, fat, and lazy. Check out the top 10 countries with love for the good ole US of A.

Get your nerd on! 49 breathtaking libraries from all over the world.


Looking to hire a contractor? Here are some pro tips so you don’t get hosed.

Climbing the Ladder:

Find co-workers super annoying? Prefer to work alone? These careers might be for you!

Out and About:

Friday Fun:

Cary Grant and Hitchcock! One of my favorite thrillers and good clean fun. If you’ve never seen this classic get down to Riverside Park in Hartford for free movie Fridays!!

The Alchemystics will be rocking out at Max Cap in Chicopee with Bangfield and Joey Batts and Them. Put on your dancing shoes and boogie on down.

On the other side of the river, your beloved 90’s classics will be playing down at The Skybox in Southwick courtesy of Gnome Sane.

Saturday Shenanigans:

Another free event down by the river! The Connecticut Ballet will be performing at Mortensen Riverfront Plaza from 7pm – 9pm. Just a reminder kids, no booze allowed. So get real creative or leave it at home!

For my Southern CT peeps, Bad Rooster will be rocking Sam the Clam’s down in Plantsville. The seafood is amazing and the band does the blues like no one else! And come on! It’s Bad Rooster at Sam the Clam’s!! There’s like a dozen dirty jokes waiting to be told!

You have two chances to see the darling Katelyn Richards on Saturday!! You lucky dogs you 🙂 First up, Falls Fest on the South Hadley Town Green from 1:45pm – 3pm. Then out to Louie B’s in Southwick to rock out all night on the lake.

Sunday Funday:

Couldn’t make it out to the lake last night?? Don’t worry your pretty little head girl! There’s more music on the water in store for you this afternoon!! The Kings will be playing all your favorites from 4pm – 8pm at Louie B’s. Early enough to get some sleep before that dreaded Monday Morning arrives!

Giggles and Such:

van go

feel better


Have a great weekend!

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Quote of the Day:


Dollars and Sense:

Single with no kids?? 5 ways to plan for your financial future.

Techie Love:

Facebook rolled out their new Graph Search this week. Learn how to lock down your privacy settings.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Bing It On Challenge”. Well, it might be time to take it. Only 13% of Google search results are real 😦

Wine Me, Dine Me:

400 companies that DO NOT use GMOs in their products.

Fashion Forward:

The most ingenious accessory EVER!!

Out and About:

Friday Fun:

Who you gonna call?? Ghostbusters! Playing at 7pm in Pope Park in Hartford.

For my Connecticut peeps, The Juicy Grapes will be at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford with Rythmic Circus. Sure to be a funky good time! Show starts at 10pm. Put on your dancing shoes at get your boogie on girl!

For you kids east of the river, The John Cantalini Band will be rocking out at the Skybox in Southwick. Show starts at 9:30pm. Just a reminder, John Cantalini is that guitar genius you love from The Kings. A guaranteed good time!

For you westside kiddos, The Truckstop Troubadours will be playing all your favorite country classics out at The Wales Irish Pub. If you haven’t seen these guys, you’re in for a real treat! Front man Brian Chicoine channels The Man in Black better than Johnny Cash himself!!

Saturday Shenanigans:

Camp Bisco is this weekend. For those of you who are too broke or too busy to rock out for all three days, Saturday passes are available. Saturday’s lineup includes The Disco Biscuits and Passion Pit.

Another one for you Connecticut peeps, Stanley Maxwell will be at The Main Pub in Manchester. This funky jazz quartet has a soulful sound and they love to jam. They were the Hartford Advocate Jazz Band of the year for 2010, 2009, and 2007. Show starts at 8pm. All ages.

Sunday Funday:

Couldn’t make it out to Wales to get your country on Friday night?? Then head over to Geraldine’s in West Springfield for a special local acoustic country showcase. The one and only Brian Chicoine will be hosting with Southern Rain Acoustic, Northern Lights (featuring one of my favorites Richie Lexington Hernandez), and The Honky-Tonk Saints. Show starts early (4pm – 8pm) so you can get plenty of sleep before work Monday morning!

Giggles and Such:

30 signs you’re almost 30

I hate cats, but this might be the funniest cat video I’ve ever seen!!

prison orange is not your color

we accept walkens

the dark side of the moon

Have a great weekend!

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Quote of the Day:


Get that super soft t-shirt feel without waiting through years of washing and drying!


Health and Wellness:

So I’m a little late to the party, but I’m on Day 3 and I feel fabulous!

Round the World:

Having a mid-life crisis? Don’t buy the tired old cliched sports car. Go here!

Climbing the Ladder:

Looking to boost your performance? Try these 10 simple postures.

Wine Me, Dine Me:

The perfect breakfast for a chilly morning. You can even make it ahead of time!

Giggles and Such:

Nobody’s perfect.

Every single morning!

Since next week is Thanksgiving AND my big 3-0, Adventures in Adulthood will be on vacation. Don’t worry, we’ll be back November 28th 🙂

Have a great weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!!

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Check out this unbelievably eloquent letter on conquering hate.

35 life changing ways to use everyday products.

I love this Masshole!!

Great idea for a small space.

Can someone please make this for me??

Super cute party decor idea.

I am absolutely in love with repurposing wooden pallets!

8 ways to eat well and cheaply

This chocolate cake is actually good for you!!!

So are these peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!

What I’ll be making for breakfast this weekend.

How creepy and cool are these pics?!

Some happiness tips for my mommy friends.


Check out this amazing time lapse from the International Space Station.

And now time for a couple giggles:

Dark and Stormies + Deep Frying + Hannah Hart = Super Awesome

No one does an angry rant better than Lewis Black!!

The text message decoder helps you figure out what he really means.

Have a great weekend!!

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Where the hell do you think you’re going?!?

Since summer is officially here and the eye assaults are OUT OF CONTROL, I’ve put together a list of acceptable and appropriate attire for work and every day.

Don’t worry guys, I have some words of wisdom for you too. (Feel free to skip to the end)

Ladies, things to never, ever, EVAH, EVAH wear to work (Now this applies to a business-casual office-environment, if you’re say, a stripper, obviously these don’t apply to you):

  • Flip flops
  • Shorts – while I think the shorts, tights, blazer outfit is absolutely adorable unless you work in the fashion industry, don’t wear it to work.

You are NOT an over-paid actress

  • Any skirt or dress that is more than 3 inches above your knee (this should be measured while sitting, if there’s a slit, you should measure from there)
  • Club shoes (Those four-inch clear heels are only work appropriate if you get paid in singles girl)
  • Club tops (You know that cleavage showing, bedazzled top doesn’t belong at work, take it off)
  • Sweatpants (For that matter, can we all PLEASE stop wearing pajamas in public?? Put on some fucking pants already!)

Pretty sure this also applies to other geographical areas.

  • T-shirts
  • Sneakers
  • Excessive accessories (Coco Chanel said you should always take off the last thing you put on)

Some every day advice:

Just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits!

Also if you put on a spaghetti strap top and the straps disappear you should immediately take off that top and burn it.

If you look like you have 3 boobs or a lump growing our of one of your breasts with a bra on – It’s too small!! Go get fitted for a bra already! Both Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret provide the service for free. If you’re shy, you can measure yourself at home.

Follow the 3/4 skin rule. If you’re showing a lot of leg, keep the girls covered, and vice versa. You don’t have to sell it. Is that really the kind of attention you want? If so, have at it!

“Hooker or Whore”??

And now for you gentlemen:

A wife-beater is NOT a shirt. It should NEVER EVER be worn in public as such. For that matter a shirt is ALWAYS required. Do NOT run to the store, walk down the street, ride around town, etc. without one.

Pull.Up.Your.Fucking.Pants. It is NOT attractive – AT ALL.

Oh and by the way, this trend stated in prison so inmates could advertise they were DTF without alerting the wardens. That’s totally the message you were trying to send right?!

You’re a grown-ass-man.

You should have a shoes/belt combo in brown and black, do NOT mix the two.

And while we’re at it, if you own a braided belt, THROW IT OUT!

I should NOT be able to see your chest hair sticking out of the top of your button-up. While shaving your chest is GROSS, trim that shit or button another button.

Fit is EVERYTHING! Make sure your shirts and dress pants fit properly.

Find a good tailor, they will make you look like this:

Things that make you look like a raging douchebag:

  • Blow-outs
  • White sunglasses
  • Wearing your sunglasses at night/in da club. (Also saying “in da club” definitely makes you a douchebag.)
  • Ed Hardy ANYTHING
  • Popped collars
  • Fedoras
  • Earrings bigger than mine
  • Excessive accessories – especially that obnoxious watch – we get it – you be making it rain up in hurh. Would it kill you to try and keep it classy??
  • Over-groomed brows and facial hair. I should NOT be able to tell you groom your eyebrows and the chin strap needs to die already.

Don’t forget!

I’m sure I left out a couple so feel free to add your particular fashion pet peeves!

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