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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Fake it til you make it!

Did you know there’s a best time for everything?? Learn how to plan your day around your body’s circadian rhythms.

Already been to the Big E? Looking to enjoy the beautiful fall weather? Check out Connecticut’s top 10 hiking trails.

The internet is a wonderful tool that connects us to people and things we would never have access to otherwise. But, sometimes it’s just really mean and stupid. Check out this inspiring response to cyber bullying.

For those of you with kiddos, the toddler bucket list.

Remember when everyone knew who your bestie was because you had matching bracelets?? Bring it back old school girl 🙂

These stunning images look like photographs. But they aren’t! Absolutely amazing!!

Trying to eat healthy? Here are 40 healthy snacks under 200 calories.

It’s getting a little chilly here in New England. Check out this amazing video for 25 ways to wear a scarf!

And last but not least a couple giggles:

Put another nacho in your belt.

16 super awkward photos to NOT take when you get a bun in your oven.

Two Hamsters, One Wheel – not at all like Two Girls, One Cup

Have a great weekend!


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One is the Lonliest Number?

Do you do things alone??

Have you ever gone to the movies solo?

How about out to eat or to the bar?

I have no problem going to a bar solo if peeps I know will be there.

It’s 2012, females do NOT need an escort to go out and about in public.

I’ve even gone out to eat solo.

I have however, always brought a book with me, so that might not count…

And I sit at the bar because quite frankly I always feel a little sad for the people I see eating alone 😦

I have however, never gone to the movies alone.

I really want to see Trouble with the Curve.

Who doesn’t love Clint Eastwood?? Even after his bizarre RNC speech, I’ve still got a soft spot for Clint 🙂

So instead of brow beating one of my friends into going or waiting until it’s finally available on Netflix,

I’m going to the movies alone.

Have you ever gone to the movies solo?

I’ll let you know how it goes…


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It’s Finally Friday!!!

If you’re like me it’s physically impossible to wake up earlier than you have to. But I’m going to give this whole “work out before work” nonsense a try. Here are some tips I found to help drag your ass out of bed in the morning.

Thinking about going back to school? Check out the college majors with the best return on investment.

What might seriously be the best.present.ever for new parents!

Looking for a new job?? Make sure your online presence isn’t hurting your chances. In case you were wondering, yes, that picture of you owning the keg stand is definitely hurting you.

It’s your time to shine.

Looking for a new book to read. Check out this great list.

This might be the best.idea.ever.

And last but not least a couple giggles:

The parent rap.

Get baked!

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform??

Have a great weekend!

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Burn it to the Ground!

There will be times in your professional life, regardless of your position, when you will want to scream GFY! from the rooftops.


Part of becoming an adult is learning how to deal with conflict constructively and to have uncomfortable conversations while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Whether it’s standing up for yourself, delivering bad news or, disagreeing with a colleague/superior we must ALL learn how to have those conversations and make them productive.

Here are some tips to help you get through those tough conversations:

  • Stay calm! Breathe! You can do this.
  • Speak softly but firmly.
  • Stick to the facts. Do NOT exaggerate. If you have legitimate beef you shouldn’t need to.
  • Don’t just bitch and moan. Ask for reason and resolution.

If it’s come to the point were you can no longer work for/with this person/company and need to move on from the situation:

  • Continue to give 100% to your job
  • Check your attitude!
  • Look for a new gig on your OWN time
  • Give ample notice and thank them for the opportunity

Burning bridges is a luxury that those of us pursuing a career cannot indulge in.

If you’ve done a good job, do NOT ruin the relationship.

Every employer is a future reference.

Even if you haven’t done a good job, do NOT ruin the relationship.

Don’t let impulse and poor judgement keep you from succeeding down the road.

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

After last weekend’s wedding festivities I definitely felt my age! Then I found this shitshow and felt much better 🙂

Everyday life lessons. #5 is a personal pet peeve.

A handy little tip for all you nerds out there.

Granny get your gun! Awesomely awkward grandparents.

Can you name the 8 parts of speech? Do you know the difference between an adverb and an adjective? Check out this handy grammar guide.

The first few hours of your work day have a HUGE impact on your productivity. Get your day started off right!

It’s hard to start the day right if you didn’t end the last one well. Set yourself up for success!

5 weird medical tests you can try right now.

Want to keep your hair out of your face?? Still want it to be cute?? Check out the simple knot.

Too busy to plan date nights? Check out Dejamor.

And last but not least a couple giggles:

Girls NEVER lie!

Someday somebody gonna make you wanna gobble up a waffle fry!

Don’t be kneady!

Have a great weekend!!!

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Baby Makin’ Time?

These days it seems like everyone around me is catching the itis.

The baby-itis that is.

Don’t worry! I’m not in any danger.

I have the vaccine, it’s called the Nuva Ring 🙂

Don’t get me wrong!

I love kids!

who wouldn’t love this lil nugget??

They’re awesome little people.

Unless their parents are complete assholes, they’re usually innocent, full of wonder, playful, funny, clever, and uncomfortably honest.

If it weren’t for the incessant questions and the inability to understand sarcasm, they’d be my favorite people.

I especially love kids I get to give back!

It’s not that I never want kids of my own. (Calm down Mom!)

It’s that I want to raise my children.

I want to be there every day for every repetitive question, shame-inducing meltdown, and skinned knee.

who wouldn’t want to take this hot mess out in public??

I was privileged enough to have a Mom who was able to be home while I was growing up and I want my kids to enjoy that same privilege.

I just don’t have it in me to pop out a baby and drop them off at daycare two weeks later.

I applaud women who can do that. Most women don’t have the luxury to be a stay-at-home-mom, especially in this economy.

working mom = wonder woman

I’m just too selfish to do it myself.

And I’m not a 30 year old intern working two jobs because I like to stay busy.

I’m working way too hard pursuing my career right now to take a baby time-out.

But I do worry that by the time I’m ready for kids the window of opportunity to bear my own children will have passed and I’ll forever be the super cool aunt who has disposable income and free time for days.

Where do you stand on kids?

Love ’em?

Hate ’em?

Love the ones that aren’t yours?

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