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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Quote of the Day:

against the wind henry ford quote

Techie Love:

Organize your life digitally!

Round the World:

This might be the coolest “subway” EVER!!

What’s on your travel bucket list?

Follow your Dreams:

The power of visualization.

Climbing the Ladder:

Is shyness holding you back at work?

Luscious Locks:

How to get perfect beachy curls.

Health and Wellness:

Do you live on Red Bull? Check out how to have high energy naturally.

Body Lovin:

Good Morning Yoga 🙂

Peace of Art:

Think finger painting is only for kids?? Think again!


The secret to winning.

Giggles and Such:

You’re just a thick mint of my imagination.

Diarrhea is the best excuse for anything. Unless you really have it….

go to the jimjumpolinesstop comparing yourself to others

Have a great weekend!

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I have a dream…

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

What does your happily ever after look like?

The older I get the less attractive the traditional white picket fence scenario looks.


It’s a beautiful house, but I don’t want to be the one responsible for its upkeep and occupants.

Maybe it’s because I know the sacrifices that come with raising a family.

Or maybe I just have a deep, abiding love for alone time.

alone time

But the thought of getting married, making a home, and popping out 2.5 kids doesn’t make my heart race. (sorry Mom)

Falling in love and making a commitment to someone makes my heart race – but that could just be palpitations from a panic attack.

The thought of seeing the world; immersing myself in new and different cultures, traipsing through third world countries and having adventures with my partner in crime – now that definitely gets me going.

not all those who wander are lost

I’ve realized, I’m okay, not having the corner office, driving the shiny new car, buying stuff and things.

I’d rather fill my life with experiences than possessions.

adventure is the best way to learn

And I’m actually pretty good at being poor – guess it helps to be frugal – thanks Mom 🙂

I think it’s time we all start giving ourselves permission, to openly and honestly, want what we truly want.

do your own thing

Say it out loud and start making it happen!

I want to quit my job(s), find work as a freelance writer, and travel.

quit your job

Anyone out there have any helpful hints on making that dream come true??

What would you do if money was not a factor?

Do you even know??

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

My parents were awesome and so is this tumblr.

Only in New York.

Could you live off the kindness of strangers??

Feeling like a failure??? Take a look at this:

10 places every American should see. How many have you been to??

Going on a road trip? The only app you’ll need.

All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.

Desperate for a job? Check out these creative job search methods. My personal fave is #6!

2 questions everyone should ask themselves.

This asshole’s definitely Father of The Year material.

Apparently multitasking is BAD.

Why can’t camera straps be cute AND functional??

The next 10 years will define the next 10,000.

I’m obsessed with this!

You should be too! Get involved here and here.

And now for some giggles:

Poor white guys.

Shit nobody says.

How diets work.

The more colorful the thing the better it is for you!

Have a great weekend kids!

P.S. (I started an internship this week. That’s right folks! Between the two jobs and the blog I felt like I had too much free time so I decided to become a 30 year old intern! All jokes aside, due to the extremely limited free time I now have, Adventures In Adulthood will be going to a Wednesday and Friday publishing schedule. Enjoy!)

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It’s Finally Friday!!!

Who says America isn’t the home of the free?!

Some tips to boozing without blowing your diet.

For the math challenged.

So easy I could do it!

What to do with your abundance of fresh herbs.

For all you new mommies.

The cutest.invites.EVER!

More wedding hair to try.

No insurance? Don’t want to waste your hard-earned money for 10 minutes with the doctor? Check this out!

Challenge accepted?

For you peeps in the CT/Western Mass area:

And now for a couple giggles:

Seriously?? Think about it!

What would you do??

People eat at Burning Man??

Underwear Horoscopes!

Check out the balls on this kitten!

And last but certainly not least:

How freaking cool are the piano guys?!?

Have a great weekend!!

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School is for Fools

It’s that time of year when high school juniors and seniors start deciding where they’re going to apply/go to college and what they want to do with their lives. I’m here to tell you this archaic process is bullshit. How are you supposed to know at sixteen or seventeen what you want to do with the rest of your life? A college degree costs an average of $100,000. That’s a helluva lot of money to spend on something you aren’t absolutely, one hundred percent positive you want to pursue and work at FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.


In the United Kingdom, a common practice is to take a gap year before starting college. High school graduates take a year off to travel, intern, and generally get their shit together before pursuing a college degree.

make your own path

As someone whose parents would not allow her to take a year off, I am the perfect example of what happens when you aren’t ready for college. I was an honors student in high school. By everyone’s predictions I was a perfect candidate for college. But I wasn’t ready. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. That one year my parents weren’t willing to compromise on cost them $12,000. At a state school with only one semester of living on campus! The only things I learned how to do that year were to illegally procure alcohol and rack up about $7,000 in credit card debt.

I am positive I could have used far less money to explore/travel/figure some shit out AND spent that time far more productively.

have passport – will travel

The lesson here is, if you aren’t sure exactly what you’re going to get out of college and exactly what you want to do with that insanely over-priced piece of paper, don’t go.

That’s right kids; I’m telling you not to go to college, at least not right away.

Finally a college graduate!

Yes, you need a college degree to succeed in most facets of today’s corporate world. I went back and finished my degree at twenty-seven after hitting a ceiling where I could not be promoted any further without that piece of paper. However, I knew what I wanted then. I paid for it myself (at a private college no less) and I graduated cum Laude, with less than $20,000 in student loans. Also proving it is possible to graduate from college without a crippling amount of student loan debt!

There are other roads that lead to success. Don’t automatically choose the one in front of you because it’s what people say you should do. Figure it out for yourself and you’ll be much happier and far more successful.

And if your parents give you any shit for it, show them the math, if that doesn’t work, do it anyway and just blame me 🙂

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